SmartSearch Chosen as Affinity Partner for ICAEW

SmartSearch is delighted to be the chosen Affinity Partner to provide electronic Anti-money Laundering (AML) Verification for ICAEW.

Our award-winning SmartSearch software platform delivers both Business and Individual AML verification services reducing red tape bureaucracy, saving time and money for Member Firms.

On-going Sanction monitoring of customers with email alerts ensures Members remain compliant at all times and they can remain focused on delivering services to their clients. SmartSearch also has automated Enhanced Due Diligence functionality to deal with any Sanction and PEP alerts before they are referred to the users.

John Dobson CEO commented, "We are delighted to support ICAEW and their Members with our unique SmartSearch platform, I am confident our partnership will save Member Firms considerable time and money and reduce aggravation for both Member Firms and their clients."

Sharron Gunn, Executive Director Commercial, ICAEW, commented, “We are delighted to be working with SmartSearch as our affinity partner for AML services. Their knowledge and understanding of the accountancy market means they are able to offer our members a tailor-made solution that is suited to their needs”

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