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Can I use SmartSearch on the move?

Our fully integrated app, SmartAML, gives you access to the SmartSearch system when you are out and about. SmartAML is able to electronically verify all documents remotely, with the same capabilities as the full SmartSearch verification platform. The app reads the name, full address and date of birth from the driving license (or can be entered manually), identifies and verifies the information against the credit reference databases and automatically screens for Sanctions and PEPs. 

This means all users can carry out instant AML checks when they are in a client’s home or office and receive the results to their phone or tablet in seconds. The search outcome details are then automatically uploaded into the full SmartSearch system back at the office for any occasions that Enhanced Due Diligence needs to be performed. As with any check, the new client’s record will then be monitored for any changes to Sanction and PEP watch-lists.

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