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Mosshill Credit Union is impressed with SmartSearch’s user-friendly dashboard, and the support given by their dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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Mosshill Credit Union recently implemented SmartSearch and is impressed with the user-friendly dashboard and helpful assistance from their dedicated Customer Success Manager. Mosshill are always looking for new ways to cover their regulatory obligations, and with SmartSearch, this has been achieved.

Mosshill Credit Union was looking for new ways to cover its Anti-Money Laundering Regulatory obligations and SmartSearch made this possible through the user-friendly platform and consistent development of new products. Mosshill Credit Union recommends SmartSearch to anyone looking for an efficient way to achieve compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

As a credit union we are always looking for new ways to cover our Anti Money Laundering Regulatory obligations. SmartSearch has allowed us to achieve these objectives and are constantly striving to develop new products to enable their clients to enhance their due diligence.

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