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Can SmartSearch completely replace documents in the AML process?

Yes, if you switch to SmartSearch for your CIP and AML requirements, you will no longer need to use identification documents such as driver’s license, social security cards, passports or birth certificates. With SmartSearch all you need is the person’s name, address, date of birth and social security number. You enter these details into the system, and it will automatically run a full AML check including Sanction and PEP screening. If you still want to use documents, you can; our fully integrated app uses OCR to scan the information on a driver’s license or passport and then runs the check using the info it has pulled, saving all results to the main platform and giving you a result in seconds. All checks, whether performed on the main platform or via the app, are automatically stored in the SmartSearch system and monitored for any changes. This means you will no longer need to store copies of original documents in order to maintain a fully compliant position and, thanks to the fact you can access any client record at any time, you will always be ready for an internal audit or regulatory visit.

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