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Driving the digital compliance revolution

End-to-End Solution

With our unique electronic platform, you can verify both individuals and businesses, and perform screenings for Sanctions and PEPs, at the touch of a button.

Integrate SmartSearch’s capabilities

We offer full API integration saving you time & money, and making AML compliance easier than ever.

Quick & Accurate Results

Our platform works in real-time, completing AML checks in a matter of seconds, automatically triggering any Sanction or PEPs.

How it works

  • 1

    Enter an individuals name, address, date of birth and social security number

  • 2

    A full AML check is performed, including an identity check, address check and PEP & Sanctions check

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    Live Alerts

    Receive live alerts for all customer records with our automated monitoring

    Meet your compliance obligations and drive cost savings for your business, all in one easy-to-use AML platform

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    Smart Search

    What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML)?

    Money laundering is when criminals integrate their illegally-obtained cash into the financial system, so it looks like it was earned legitimately. ‘Anti-money laundering’ refers to the laws, regulations, and procedures designed to prevent money laundering.

    Firms in finance, property, law and insurance are legally obliged to comply with these AML regulations, as well as art markets and other high-value dealers. The compliance of these sectors contributes to the wider battle against financial crime, and protects firms within them from the risk of money laundering too.

    Smart Search

    Why conduct an AML check, when you can run a SmartSearch?

    There are several different key components when it comes to AML checks, but a SmartSearch incorporates KYC, PEP and Sanctions screening, along with ongoing monitoring and enhanced due diligence. While a fragmented approach to these checks is time-consuming and inefficient, a SmartSearch is one simple, holistic compliance solution.

    • KYC, PEP & Sanctions Screening
    • Automated Monitoring
    • Enhanced Due Diligence
    Smart Search Smart Search

    SmartSearch is the only AML compliance resource you’ll ever need

    You can fulfil KYC requirements, Sanctions checks, screening for Adverse Media, checks for PEPs, SIPs and PSCs, as well as get assistance with Enhanced Due Diligence and ongoing monitoring, all in one place.

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    Take a look at what our clients have to say about using SmartSearch’s AML platform

    We’re proud to boast a 98% customer retention rate
    Smart Search
    Smart Search
    The time in which it takes to complete a ‘SmartSearch’ was a huge USP to choose SmartSearch as a provider. The checks provide a quick and simple solution to identify and verify clients and removes the hurdle of obtaining hard copy or certified copy documents. I find the potential match interface very helpful as it generally provides enough information to be able to properly assess the results and enable us to make a decision on whether we proceed.
    Blacks Solicitors
    Smart Search
    Smart Search
    We upload new clients via a monthly ‘bulk upload’, thus saving time and resources to focus on other areas of development and growth. The biographic information returned as part of the PEP, Sanctions, RCA and ‘Special Interest Person’ screening returns a deep level of detail, enabling us to undertake effective risk-profiling and discount false positives. Once we took advantage of the new ‘suppressions’ at no additional charge, this made our processes much more efficient due to the reduced the manual workload required by our compliance team.

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    Let one of our highly trained AML experts demonstrate the industry-leading SmartSearch AML product
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    Just a few areas we can help you with

    Know who you’re dealing with

    We can verify the identity of your customers electronically in seconds, fulfilling your KYC requirements and provide automatic enhanced due diligence for any PEP or Sanctions matches.

    Onboard customers

    Our platform completes AML and KYC checks all in one place and can be integrated into your existing system, streamlining the customer onboarding process, improving client experience and reducing costs.

    Remain compliant

    Through our user-friendly platform, identification, verification and ongoing monitoring are quick and easy to perform, ensuring you always remain fully AML compliant.

    Monitor your clients

    We take updates every day from the Dow Jones Watchlist, the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date PEP and Sanctions list in the world, to offer our unique daily monitoring service. This alerts you if a client’s PEP or Sanction status changes ensuring you’re always fully AML compliant.

    Be audit ready

    With our monitoring system, you are always audit-ready. From audit note trails to the ability to batch-upload existing customers, we ensure you can evidence your compliance whenever you need to.

    Prevent fraud

    Our comprehensive range of anti-fraud services can be tailored to your specific requirements, creating a bespoke fraud-prevention solution for your firm.

    Smart Search

    Integrate SmartSearch’s capabilities into your own system

    We know that combining SmartSearch technology with your own systems is beneficial for everyone. Our integration process can be fully completed in just 24 hours, so you can continue client onboarding with minimal disruption, and carry out AML checks using their existing data files.

    Integrating our capabilities with your own data saves you time and money, making AML compliance easier than ever.

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