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Discover frictionless AML compliance with our award-winning anti-money laundering solution. Perform your due diligence, carry out Know Your Customer and Adverse Media checks in the UK or abroad, all with our sophisticated electronic verification platform.

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Individual and business AML checks made easy

SmartSearch will make sure your company keeps up with ever-changing AML regulations. Whether your prospective client is a corporation or an individual, our all-in-one AML solution covers every base, so your business is protected.

Our efficient, automated platform performs a wide range of UK and international anti-money laundering checks using the Dow Jones WatchList, which is updated every day.

You can fulfil KYC requirements, Sanctions checks, screening for Adverse Media, checks for PEPs, SIPs and PSCs, as well as get assistance with Enhanced Due Diligence and ongoing monitoring, all in one place.

International and domestic checks all in one place
Run Sanctions and PEP checks on your new and existing clients
Adverse Media and Enhanced Due Diligence provided
What we do

TripleCheck provides AML checks, Facial Recognition, and Digital Fraud checks all in one simple solution

TripleCheck is an innovative new electronic KYC and AML solution that combines our award-winning AML service, with sophisticated facial recognition techniques and robust digital fraud checks.

By utilising pioneering terrestrial verification data, OCR, biometrics, liveness techniques and advanced fraud-risk indicators TripleCheck offers a unique three-step solution for all your AML, anti-fraud and compliance needs.

Level 1

Identification and Verification with Sanction and PEP screening

Level 2

Facial Recognition, Document Capture and Liveness Appraisal

Level 3

Digital Fraud Checks with Data Referencing and Triangulation


All-in-one and easy to use AML platform

With anti-money laundering regulations consistently evolving, staying on top of the necessary AML checks is a complex process. Manual AML searches rely on physical documentation being available – but these documents are vulnerable to forgery, and manipulation. Our bespoke electronic software uses a variety of online data sources to verify identity, making it more reliable, and removing the need for the customer’s presence completely. 

This automated software does all the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and resources, and ensuring that no stone goes unturned. 


Serving professional AML regulated sectors

Which businesses need to run anti-money laundering checks?

AML regulations apply to every business in the financial services sector, so anti-money laundering checks must be carried out by accountants and solicitors, as well as firms in property, insurance, investment and general finance. 

Why are AML checks important?

Anti-money laundering checks will help firms in these sectors to follow AML regulations, by identifying potential high-risk clients and making companies less vulnerable to money laundering, as well as other financial crime.  

How is SmartSearch different?

SmartSearch offers an award-winning anti-money laundering solution that simplifies every aspect of AML compliance. Using our automated platform, you can carry out thousands of anti-money laundering checks in a fraction of the time, and enjoy the certainty of electronic verification. 

We can help you to…

Understand AML

We will help you understand the money laundering regulations and ensure you take a risk-based approach to meet your obligations.

Stay compliant

Our full-service solution provides a daily monitoring service for the lifetime of your contract, ensuring you remain fully compliant at all times.

Onboard customers

Our platform completes AML and KYC checks all in one place and can be integrated into your existing system, streamlining the customer onboarding process, improving client experience and reducing costs.

Be audit ready

Our daily monitoring ensures you are always audit ready, and we can retrospectively batch-upload existing customers to ensure a clean compliant position.

Monitor your clients

We take daily updates from Dow Jones to enable our unique daily monitoring service, which alerts you if a client’s PEP or Sanctions status changes.

Prevent fraud

Our comprehensive range of anti-fraud services can be tailored to your specific requirements to create a bespoke fraud prevention solution.

Know your customer

Our platform verifies the identity of your clients electronically in seconds and automatically undertakes Enhanced Due Diligence if PEPs or Sanctions warnings are highlighted.

Do your due diligence

We ensure identification, verification and ongoing monitoring are completed on all your customers so that you always remain fully AML compliant.

Whether you’re a small business just getting to grips with AML regulations or a large corporation with plenty of experience in compliance, SmartSearch can help.

We’re more than just an automated platform. SmartSearch will assist you with the design and implementation of a risk-based approach to suit your business. We’ll keep you up to date with ever-changing anti-money laundering regulations, and be your point of contact for any queries.


There’s a reason over 6,500 clients put their trust in us

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Outsourcing to SmartSearch has been one of the best decisions we have made. It has enabled us to rest easy that we are monitoring our clients and applicants correctly and are fulfilling all our legal requirements with regards to money laundering legislation and due diligence. Lesley Sorbie
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The service is robust – we have experienced little or no downtime and communication from SmartSearch is excellent with updates, credit alerts and monthly reports detailing usage. Rita Hens Customer Services Manager
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