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SmartDoc - Identity Document Validation Technology

What is SmartDoc?

SmartDoc is a form of identification document validation technology that offers a verification solution for customer documents across the globe. The system utilises the latest advances in identification software, including facial recognition technology, to authenticate documents. 

SmartDoc is an advanced, cost-effective solution to manual ID document checks and provides businesses with additional security and protection from potential fraud. 

Why should you utilise identity document validation technology?

Validating customer documents is an essential part of the KYC and due diligence process and is a necessary component of anti-money laundering (AML) checks. High-level automated ID validation technology removes the need to rely solely on manual identification methods and can verify authenticity and confirm identity within seconds. 

Our SmartSearch ID validation technology integrates multiple data sources allowing for all types of identification documents including passports, driver's licences, work permits and visiting visas from over 200 countries to be processed all in one system to the same rigorous standard. SmartDoc can also be used for advanced verification on UK and International Individual Checks.

An advanced 2-step ID validation system with SmartDoc

SmartDoc’s innovative system utilises both automated and manual ID checks for an additional layer of security and authenticity.

SmartDoc - Advanced (Automated)

Machine learning interrogation and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithmic checks are conducted on ID documents to verify if the document is genuine and unaltered. If a document fails the automated OCR verification process, it will be transferred to a border security-trained ID document expert through our SmartDoc human inspection service for no additional fee.

The system also utilises integrated PEP screening and sanction checks to regularly check for any status changes and ensure your business is kept updated and following regulations. 

Our SmartDoc Advanced service offers:

MRZ Check
Fraud database check
Document watchlist
Liveness & facial matching (optional)
MRZ/VIZ crosscheck
Security feature check
Human inspection of exception

SmartDoc - Expert (Human Inspection)

SmartDoc Expert is the second stage of our service where experienced border security document experts analyse documents for additional verification and security. 

These checks involve rigorous visual inspection of security features and careful analysis of documents for any indications of forgery. Suspicious documents are cross-referenced using official examples of tampered documents and MRZ/VIZ crosschecks. 

SmartDoc Expert also allows you to benefit from free PEP and Sanctions checks to save time and effort on manual processing.

Our SmartDoc Expert service offers:

MRZ Check
Fraud database check
Document watchlist
Liveness & facial matching (optional)
MRZ/VIZ crosscheck
Human inspection of security features and known fraud indicators
Human inspection of all document elements

How does SmartDoc work?

SmartSearch’s identity document validation technology offers facial recognition to enhance digital identification procedures. Integrated into both SmartDoc Advance and Expert, this feature eliminates the need for in-person verification.

Advanced authentication technology and modern biometric verification technology are combined to assess whether the image provided is a ‘real person’. By authenticating customer identities, our solution ensures your business stays safe from fraud whilst remaining compliant with KYC and AML requirements.

When using our document validation system, there are 3 main processes:

ID Capture

Our quick and easy technology allows for an accurate ID document check without the need to download or install software. Simply upload your chosen document and input the customer's personal details. You can then upload an existing image of the document or request your client to do so via an SMS link.

Here your client will be asked to submit a ‘selfie’ alongside their documentation. Experience a smooth image uploading process with automatic checking of image resolution and quality.

Liveness Detection

Passive liveness detection is then used as the next step in the process to identify if the selfie provided was taken by a real and live person. The passive liveness process uses just a single frame to identify liveness, excelling the verification process. 

Our technology allows for swift confirmation with minimal input from the client, needing only a still image of the face and no motion capture or speech as is common in other facial recognition applications. 

Image Comparison

Our advanced facial recognition technology uses machine-learning biometric algorithms to analyse the information provided by clients. This technology compares ID document images to live selfies to not only identify if the document is genuine but also if it belongs to the individual pictured in the selfie. 

Image comparison also validates safety features on official identification to check for authenticity including holographics, fonts and minute patterns. Our machine-learning technology removes the risk of impersonation and helps protect your business against potential fraud.

SmartDoc Highlights

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition checks available through our Advanced and Expert services.

Document Processing

The ability to process more document types with a simplified end-user experience.

PEP and Sanctions

Inclusive PEP and Sanctions screening with all SmartDoc checks.

Failure Review

All OCR failures sent for manual review.


AmberHill and fraudulent document database checks included in all searches.

Why choose SmartSearch for ID validation?

When you choose SmartSearch’s ID validation solution, you’re investing in the security of your business and protection against money laundering and fraud. Our advanced SmartDoc system combines document validation, facial recognition 

software and liveness detection for a streamlined ID verification process.

We offer a robust, user-friendly solution at an affordable price for your business. All of our software has been third-party tested and approved and our algorithms are NIST-tested to ensure maximum protection against fraud.

Let SmartSearch ensure your business security. We’re dedicated to providing multi-layer encryption and processing your data using only the most secure protocols. 

Get started with SmartSearch’s award-winning solution, contact us at 0113 537 4042 or email us at info@smartsearch.com to start benefitting today.

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