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Anti-Money Laundering Checks for Cryptocurrency

Protect your firm from money laundering and ensure compliance with the latest regulations with SmartSearch’s award-winning all-in-one verification platform. We provide tailored AML, KYC, compliance and anti-fraud services for the cryptocurrency industry, enabling you to prevent money laundering, meet your legal requirements and protect your firms’ reputation.

Prevent money laundering

The crypto sector is a relatively new addition to the list of AML regulated firms in the UK, but due to its highly pseudonymous nature - which enables criminals to hide their activity - combined with the pace at which it has grown over the past few years, it has become one of the most vulnerable in terms of its exposure to money laundering.

An estimated $6.4bn was laundered through cryptocurrency in 2021, a 30% rise on 2020, and as crypto becomes more and more popular, the problem will only worsen as criminals continue to take advantage of the growing cryptocurrency network. Regulations will need to adapt to the ongoing and changing threat posed by crypto money launderers, so it is vital that firms working within the sector have effective AML procedures in place that not only offer a solution now, but will continue to do so as requirements change.

SmartSearch offers an all-in-one AML solution for cryptocurrency firms and those businesses transacting within crypto assets. Our cloud-based platform offers customer identification and verification, sanction and PEP screening, ongoing monitoring and anti-fraud solutions, all from one place, with any updates to AML regulations automatically reflected in the platform.

Money Laundering for crypto firms: a few areas we can help you with

Identification and verification

You can run all your Know Your Customer (KYC) checks from our platform, including verification and screening, ensuring you know exactly who your customers are

Smoother onboarding

Our system can be integrated with your firms’ existing databases enabling you to onboard customers and run AML and compliance checks all from one place.

Screening for sanctions and PEP's

Every check is screened for PEPs and sanctions, with enhanced due diligence run automatically on any matches

Daily monitoring

Our ongoing monitoring service runs daily checks against global watchlists on all your customers so that you are alerted immediately of any changes to their risk profile.

Record keeping

All checks run through SmartSearch are automatically hosted centrally - we can even batch upload your existing customer databases and retrospectively run compliance checks on every record.

Prevent fraud

As well as running robust KYC checks, SmartSearch can also run a wide range of anti-fraud checks including ID, bank account and IP address validation.

Tailored AML Products for crypto firms

SmartSearch offers a wide range of KYC and compliance services that can be tailored to your firms' needs, with the same functionality available to all firms no matter their size or budget.

Our platform can be used as a standalone KYC solution, via desktop or mobile or tablet, or it can be integrated into your existing systems for a more streamlined customer onboarding and verification process.


What kind of cryptocurrency firms do we work with?

DeFi tokens
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