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The most comprehensive features from an AML Provider.

Individual and business AML checks

By simply entering the individual’s name, address and date of birth, SmartSearch will complete a full AML check - including automatic worldwide Sanction and PEP screening - giving you a clear pass or refer result in a matter of seconds.

Covering both UK and international

International verification is challenging due to regulatory, cultural and technological differences between countries. But thanks to our unique ability to integrate multiple data sources, we can verify international individuals and businesses, processing them under the same rigorous standards as our UK checks.

Monitoring and retrospective checks

After initial AML checks have been completed, we continue to monitor all clients daily, alerting you if their Sanctions or PEP status changes. We can also complete retrospective checks on clients to ensure your firm remains compliant at all times.

Enhanced Due Diligence

If SmartSearch matches a client to a Sanctions or PEP list, Enhanced Due Diligence is automatically triggered. Further investigation then removes any false positives and you are only alerted if manual intervention is required.

The most comprehensive features from an AML provider

Our unique AML verification platform offers the only KYC solution that also provides full Sanction and PEP screening and ongoing monitoring - a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your AML and compliance needs.
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  • Multiple solutions all on one platform
  • Dual bureau service
  • Highest match-and-pass rates on the market
  • Our customers are happy - 98% customer retention rate
  • A more efficient and cost-effective way of staying compliant
  • Smoother onboarding for your customers
  • Product training for the whole team
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Always be prepared for internal audits and regulatory visits

Integrate SmartSearch’s capabilities into your own system

Client onboarding is quick and easy if you integrate SmartSearch into your existing system. Integration enables you to run an AML check using a client's existing data file, saving time and money. 

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Stay compliant wherever you are

Our fully-integrated app enables you to complete AML checks on the go - just enter the client's details and a pass or fail result is delivered directly to your handheld device. 

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Bespoke packages to suit your business

We can create a tailor-made package to fit your needs and budget without compromising on functionality and service to ensure our unique AML solution is affordable to all businesses.
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We have over 3,500 customers, from start-ups to corporate giants

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There’s a reason we have a 98% client retention rate

Church House Investment Management
SmartSearch provided a solution that took away the administrative and timely burden of requiring potential clients to provide documentary evidence. Not only did it provide easy identity verification for individuals, but also a thorough breakdown of all necessary evidence for identifying companies, such as annual reports, certificate of incorporation and the AML of all influential stakeholders and directors. This far outshone the level of service we had previously received from the competitor. Jonathan Howland Compliance Officer
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Charter Tax
After an extensive review of multiple providers, we decided on SmartSearch for our AML procedures as it was the best platform we had seen and offered everything we need to ensure we are fully compliant.
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  • Can SmartSearch replace documents?
    If you choose SmartSearch as your AML provider, you will no longer need to use originals or store copies of documents such as passports and driving licences. This is because to perform an electronic AML check, you only need the name, address and date of birth of a customer. However, for ease, you may want to still use traditional documents. For example, our app, SmartAML can perform an AML check just by scanning a driving licence or passport. Electronic verification can be used instead of, or as supplementary to, traditional documents.
  • How can I be sure I’m still compliant if I’m no longer collecting documents from my client?
    Under the Money Laundering Regulations, to perform “Customer Due Diligence” you must “verify” on the basis of documents or information obtained from a reliable source, independent of the person whose identity is being verified. The Fifth Money Laundering Directive stipulates that electronic verification should be used where possible and all regulators recognise the use of electronic verification. Therefore, you can be confident you are fully compliant by using SmartSearch.
  • Is SmartSearch recognised by the regulators?
    Electronic verification is widely recognised by regulators, product providers and professional bodies as probably the most reliable, secure and efficient source of information for identity solutions. Regulators need to remain impartial so don’t recognise any particular supplier. However, the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) which set the gold standard on AML guidance (approved by HM Treasury) recognise SmartSearch.
  • How does SmartSearch differ from competitors?
    SmartSearch is the only AML platform that is able to verify individuals and corporate clients in the UK and anywhere in the world, with full Sanction and PEP screening and ongoing monitoring. No other provider offers this level of depth and breadth of functionality, making SmartSearch unique in the marketplace and the essential “one stop shop” for all your KYC and CDD needs.
  • Does SmartSearch provide credit checks?
    SmartSearch provides credit checks for both individuals and businesses, enabling clients to see the full credit history of a customer or potential customer. While some other AML platforms are able to offer individual credit checks, SmartSearch is the only organization in the UK to be able to offer Business Credit Reports. The business credit checks service enables clients to see an overview of a business’ credit score and with a click of a button, access four years’ worth of profit and loss statements, balance sheets, key ratios and payment history. SmartSearch can also check and monitor any UK companies, view in-depth credit history – including information on whether the business has CCJs or has ever filed for bankruptcy.
  • Will we need to upgrade to keep up with the latest regulations?
    With SmartSearch you will never need to upgrade your AML solution. By constantly evolving, we can guarantee we are always up to date with the changes in AML legislation. We are always well ahead of the curve and will update the system to ensure compliance with the regulations before they actually happen.
  • Is the SmartSearch service GDPR compliant?
    SmartSearch is fully GDPR compliant please feel free to contact us if you need to see any specific GDPR compliant policy documents.

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