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Becoming a SmartSearch Partner brings mutual benefit to all parties. By integrating SmartSearch with your existing software or by exploring additional revenue channels through our Alliance program we can save you time and money by making the customer onboarding journey an efficient, effective and enjoyable experience.

All SmartSearch API’s are RESTful and easy to integrate.

Two Partner Programs: Integration and Alliance partners

Integration Partners

Integrating SmartSearch with existing software. Provide your end customer with a simple, fuss-free onboarding experience and streamline your internal processes by integrating our platform. SmartSearch is already integrated with many leading applications in the financial services, legal, insurance, real estate and other sectors where verifying the identity of clients is a critical part of the onboarding process. For Integration Partners, deploy SmartSearch within your existing software to provide additional product features as well as gain increased revenue opportunities.

Alliance Partners

Become a SmartSearch reseller and explore additional revenue opportunities. With the huge increase in customer data, alongside the explosion in online transactions, many vendors in allied sectors are finding their clients increasingly need to authenticate the identity of their end customers. Our Alliance Partner program enables you to integrate SmartSearch capability into your own cloud platform and offer a ‘white label’ service to your clients, providing increased product features as well as additional revenue opportunities.
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