Ensure a smooth, efficient Customer Identification Program (CIP)

Simplify your systems

  • A one-stop-shop for all your CIP requirements

    Our innovative identity verification platform is the only CIP that also performs full Sanction and PEP Screening and ongoing monitoring on individuals and corporates in the US and internationally. Save time and reduce costs by switching to our all-in-one solution.

  • Know Your Customers (KYC)

    SmartSearch ensures you never waste time screening the wrong person or business. Our platform verifies your client's identity in one easy check, so you always know exactly who your customers are.

  • Instant notifications on anything suspicious

    Thanks to our unique daily monitoring service, manually checking Sanction and PEP lists is a thing of the past. Our partnership with the Dow Jones Factiva Watchlist will notify you if the status of your customers changes over night, ensuring you always remain fully compliant.

SmartSearch can facilitate your processes, saving you time and money

  • Intuitive system with integrated app

    Get your compliance done sooner: SmartSearch is so easy to use that team members at any level can successfully run identity and business checks, either through the main platform or via the app.

  • Clear and simple reports

    With SmartSearch no time is wasted picking through complex documents for what you need. Our results appear in a single report which is easy to understand and can be downloaded in seconds.

  • You’ll never need to upgrade your AML software again

    Regardless of contract size, all our customers have access to the same central platform, which we are continually improving and updating in line with the latest FinCEN, BSA/AML regulations, meaning you’ll never need to upgrade to stay compliant.

You’ll always be ready for audits and regulatory visits

  • 24/7 access to the platform

    Access your customer data quickly and easily, whenever you need to. Every check you do is saved automatically onto SmartSearch and monitored daily against Sanction and PEP lists ensuring it is always up to date.

  • Boost productivity, efficiency and service

    SmartSearch makes customer onboarding quick and easy and enables you to create efficient workflows that boost your teams' productivity and improve your customers' experience. Export the information you need quickly and easily, whenever you need it.

  • Upload all your existing customers in one batch

    We can batch upload all your existing and historical customer data to SmartSearch and perform an up-to-date identity, Sanction and PEP check on each. Give yourself a fresh start with a clean, compliant position and guarantee your compliance for the duration of your contract.

Streamline processes and improve your customers' experience

  • 95% pass rate

    Thanks to agreements with leading Global data suppliers, we can deliver a match-and-pass rate of 95% and clear up 75% of your failed Sanction cases automatically, making your entire Customer Identification Program quicker, easier and more efficient and ensuring you don’t waste any time on false positives.

  • No need for documents

    With SmartSearch, you will never need to rely on slow, unreliable manual checks again. Just enter the name, address, date of birth and social security number and in two seconds, SmartSearch will complete a full ID check and Sanction and PEP Screening. For corporate checks just enter the name and zip code and SmartSearch will identify and verify the business, its structure, and its executives.

  • Carry out identity & Sanction checks whenever, wherever

    Our fully integrated app gives you access to SmartSearch remotely via your cell phone or tablet. Perform customer identification and verification checks whenever you need to, from wherever you are.

We are here to help you

  • Training tailored to your needs

    SmartSearch is designed to be user-friendly, making it simple and easy to use. This, combined with our comprehensive training which can be tailored to your requirements, means team members at any level will be able to successfully run the CIP and BSA/AML checks.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

    Every SmartSearch customer has their own dedicated customer success manager; they will be your main point of contact and be able to immediately answer any questions or queries you have. You will also have access to our full customer services team for any additional support.

  • Comprehensive offline support

    In addition to our expert customer services team, our detailed offline guides offer step-by-step instructions on how to use the system and product sheets will tell you all about our services. 

See it in action

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