Our new facial recognition feature creates a true picture of your customers

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Something we’ve always prided ourselves on is our ability to both respond to our customers’ needs and anticipate what they will need in the future. That is why, unlike our competitors, who either perform customer verification, screening or ongoing monitoring – we perform all three from one system, enabling customers to meet all their AML requirements using just one platform. 

And now, we would like to introduce our latest system development – facial recognition – which makes our system the most advanced Customer Identification Program on the market.

This highly advanced technology combines OCR (Optical Character Recognition) data capture with the latest facial recognition techniques to create the most accurate picture of your customer yet. 

The enhancement means that, in addition to the comprehensive AML checks our system already completes on each customer, it can now also perform an algorithmic check on photo identity documents to confirm the individuals’ authenticity. 

Using the latest in biometrics and liveness detection, our facial recognition system analyzes a Customer Selfie Liveness Video and still images and compares them with the ‘real person’ to create a truly accurate and reliable picture of your customer, so you know exactly who you are dealing with.

This means that, when you enter a customer’s details into SmartSearch – their name, address, date of birth and social security number – and upload a visual ID of them, we will match their personal information, visual data and other digital elements such as email address and cell number - to create a robust and simple to understand digital identity.

You will also receive live screening of their details – using the input data, selfie and other imagery – against lists of known and suspected terrorists, fraudsters, financial criminals (special interest persons), PEPs, and their relatives or close associates, which will alert you if any action needs to be taken, enabling you to see if having them as a customer poses any risk to your business.

Not only can the system perform all these functions, but it will continue to monitor all your customers every day for any changes to their status, ensuring you are always fully compliant and audit ready.

By using our fully integrated app, you and your staff can also onboard customers quickly, efficiently, from a cell or tablet, anywhere at any time, with minimum fuss, even under lockdown.

We are here to make our clients’ lives easier and give them peace of mind not only that they are meeting their AML responsibilities, but also guarding against unscrupulous criminals. Our latest facial recognition feature is the icing on the cake, giving US businesses that crucial extra reassurance that the person they are dealing with is who they say they are. And, with many elements of social distancing likely to remain in place for US financial institutions for some time, our system, along with our new facial recognition feature, means you can do all your AML checks remotely, protecting your business from criminals and protecting you and your staff from exposure to Covid-19. John Dobson CEO at SmartSearch

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