Introducing TripleCheck - the only AML solution you will ever need

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of TripleCheck.

This latest development is the most reliable, robust customer identification and verification system on the market and the only AML check your business will ever need.

TripleCheck does exactly what it says on the box – one compliance check with three levels to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Never again will you need to employ multiple systems to ensure you are meeting your AML obligations and protecting your business from financial crime. TripleCheck does it all, in one search.

TripleCheck combines our industry-leading US AML check, with the latest facial recognition techniques and digital fraud checks to create a robust and reliable three-level Digital Identity solution that can replace your entire Customer Identification Program (CIP).

Level 1: AML verification, Sanction & PEP screening

The first level is our individual AML solution which uses credit reference data and more than 1,100 global watchlists to perform a full AML check with Sanction and PEP Screening. Advanced AI automatically triggers Enhanced Due Diligence on any matches giving you the result in less than two seconds. Every check produces an AML certificate giving you all the information you need and the evidence required to prove the check has been performed. All records are documented in the system and are screened every night by our ongoing monitoring service which will alert you to any changes in your customers' statuses.

Level 2: Facial Recognition (Document Capture & Liveness Appraisal)

The next level incorporates our latest advancement – facial recognition. Using OCR and biometrics, the system performs an algorithmic check on photo identity documents. Our advanced AI then uses liveness detection, via a customer selfie liveness video, to compare the ‘real person’ with the document provided for a robust level of verification.

Level 3: Digital Fraud Checks (Data Referencing & Triangulation)

The third level uses cell phone numbers and email addresses to deliver a risk score allowing you to investigate the individual risk profile.

We then combine all three elements - AML checks, facial recognition, and fraud checks – to create a Composite Digital Identity (CDI). This tells you everything you could ever need to know about your client and ensures you are fully compliant and meeting all AML obligations.

John Dobson, CEO at SmartSearch said: “We are always looking for ways to improve our service and make things as easy as possible for our US clients. TripleCheck is the most advanced piece of technology we have ever created and will make customer verification quicker, easier and more reliable than ever before, giving our clients the peace of mind they’re meeting all their BSA/AML requirements.

“It is simple, effective and can be used anytime, anywhere – from your desktop, cell phone or tablet – with results delivered in seconds.

“We know that, with the continuing disruption of Covid-19, you are channeling all your energy into getting things back on track, and don’t have the time or resources to work out how to run checks on customers when you can’t see them or handle their documents.

“TripleCheck will ensure that KYC is one thing you don’t need to worry about – it can replace your entire CIP, running checks, monitoring clients and ensuring you remain compliant, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.”

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