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Adverse Media

Also known as 'negative news', adverse media is any kind of unfavorable information about an individual or business reported in a variety of news sources, including 'traditional' news outlets, as well as online news sites, social media and unstructured sources.

There can be huge risks associated with conducting business with individuals or businesses with an adverse media profile, so conducting negative news screening will help ensure you do not become unwittingly involved in criminal financial activity.

If a sanction, SIP, PEP, or RSA matches with any of your clients, the SmartSearch system will run adverse media screening on that client. The search will involve screening of public data sources and third-party data sources for any negative print, online or broadcast news associated with that individual or company. Any adverse media found on the client or business in question will then be presented to you to enable you to complete enhanced customer due diligence within a couple of minutes.

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