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Identity Fraud Prevention

Identity Fraud Prevention

What is Identity Fraud Prevention?

When onboarding a new customer, financial institutions need to be certain, not only that the customer is a legitimate person, but, crucially, that the person applying for the account or loan and the details they have provided match.  The process of determining if a customer is who they are claiming to be is a central part of any fraud prevention program.

The first part of identity fraud prevention is to verify that the name, address, date of birth and social security number provided are genuine and that they belong to the same person that has supplied them. For added security and identity fraud prevention, facial recognition and liveness detection will confirm the photo on the ID and the person that provided it are one in the same.

Once you have determined the ID is legitimate, the individual will need to be checked against Sanction and PEP lists and their cell number and email address screened to ensure they are not likely to be linked to any fraudulent activity. 

We can help you with...

Fraud checks online

Online anti-fraud solutions give you the certainty that your customer is who they claim to be without needing to meet them in person. With a full Customer Identification Program (CIP) at your fingertips, SmartSearch provides you with the tools you need to ensure your clients provide their true identity and will monitor your ongoing relationship for changes to circumstance or potential risk.

Mitigating address fraud

SmartSearch uses consumer reporting data to confirm that the individual address provided as part of the Know Your Customer process is not tied to a deceased person’s identity, and checks whether it is a registered PO Box or forwarding address, so you have all the information you need to make a risk-based decision at the customer onboarding stage.

Identity verification

All you need is the customer’s name, date of birth, and SSN and SmartSearch will verify their identity using existing consumer reporting data in seconds, giving you the peace of mind that the details they have provided are legitimate and belong to them.

Facial recognition

SmartSearch uses the latest biometric and liveness detection techniques to reduce ID fraud even further. Our technology enables you to screen the real person against their photo ID to ensure they are who they are claiming to be.

Fraud prevention

SmartSearch checks if the cell number or email address the customer provided have features that make them likely to be high risk using US telecoms data. This information combined with the identity verification creates an overall fraud risk profile of the customer.

Business checks

SmartSearch can run anti-fraud checks on business customers too, offering the same level of verification and due diligence as when onboarding individuals. The platform not only verifies the business itself, but also runs full KYC, Screening and ID fraud checks on any executives and owners.

Get the help you need

SmartSearch offers a full identity fraud prevention service for your business, ensuring you never onboard a new customer who is claiming to be someone else. Our comprehensive identity verification platform can verify your individual and corporate customers entirely online and ensure they are who they say they are.

We have taken the latest facial recognition and liveness detection technology and made it available to all our clients so you can reduce risk, ensure the person you are dealing with is genuine and their photo ID documents are legitimate, all in one workflow.

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That’s where we come in

Our platform offers everything you need for fraud prevention - identity verification, screening for Sanctions and PEPs, RCAs and SIPs liveness detection tests and overall risk profiling for both individual and business customers. What’s more, it is all run from a single platform which hosts all search data and monitors it every night for changes, ensuring your business always meets the latest FinCEN requirements. With SmartSearch, customer onboarding is simple, fast, and secure, with the guarantee that you will never set up an account using stolen details and protect your customer-base from identity fraud.

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