Perform full AML checks on US and international customers, all from one platform.

Quick, easy and reliable AML checks in seconds, with no need for physical documents

  • A fully comprehensive Customer Identification Program

    SmartSearch completes a full AML check in one simple step. Simply enter the individual’s name, address, date of birth and social security number and SmartSearch will identify, verify and screen for Sanctions and PEPs in a matter of seconds. 

  • Multiple data sources

    By integrating multiple leading data sources, including Experian and Dow Jones, we can verify US and international customers, offering an efficient, cost-effective and fully comprehensive AML solution with the highest match and pass rates on the market.

  • Full reports on all checks

    For every individual AML check you complete, SmartSearch will produce a detailed online report of that person ensuring you know everything you need to know about your customers.

SmartSearch identifies, verifies and screens for Sanctions and PEPs on every check, delivering a clear pass or refer result in less than two seconds.

  • Sanction, PEP, SIP and RCA screening

    When you enter an individual’s details into the system, SmartSearch automatically performs Sanction, PEP, SIP and RCA screening to ensure you are always fully compliant.

  • Automatic Enhanced Due Diligence

    On any searches that match with Sanction, PEP, SIP or RCA lists, SmartSearch automatically performs enhanced due diligence to remove any false positives. You’re only alerted on the few cases that require manual intervention, saving your business a significant amount of time and money.

  • Daily monitoring

    Our unique monitoring service takes data from the Dow Jones Factiva WatchList every night which then alerts us of any changes to the status of any of your clients. We will only notify you if you need to take any action.

Streamline your Customer Identification Program by using one system for all your AML requirements

  • Customer ID checks and Sanctions in one platform

    Unlike other AML solutions which either offer identification and verification or Sanctions and PEP screening, SmartSearch performs all the checks needed to meet your AML and compliance requirements from one place.

  • No time wasted on unnecessary customer due diligence

    By first performing customer identification and verification checks to ensure you are dealing with who you think you are, SmartSearch ensures you never waste time or resources running customer due diligence on the wrong person.

  • Remain fully compliant for the life of your contract

    Many regulated businesses rely on two or three separate solutions to remain fully compliant; SmartSearch performs full ID, PEP and Sanctions checks in seconds, runs retrospective checks on historical data and monitors all your customers on an ongoing basis to ensure you always remain fully compliant. 

SmartSearch checks US clients and international customers too.

Perform full AML checks on customers from more than 200 countries.
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You can run AML checks on the move with our integrated app

  • Complete AML checks whenever, wherever

    With our fully integrated app you can identify and verify customers remotely. Just scan their photo ID or enter their details into your handheld device, and you will receive the results in under two seconds.

  • OCR technology enables automated ID checks

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts all the information needed to enable a full AML check with Sanction and PEP screening. Just scan the individual’s photo ID and SmartSearch will do the rest.

  • Manual data entry backup

    If you want to run a check with the SmartSearch app and also manually input the required data,  just enter the individuals’ details as you would with the main platform and SmartSearch will automatically perform the same level of checks.

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Simplify your Customer Identification Program and AML procedures

  • Full visibility of all searches

    SmartSearch’s simple interface means team members at any level can run searches, while central compliance teams have full visibility of all activity and can download individual reports quickly and easily.

  • Run retrospective and historic checks

    Our retrospective check service enables you to batch upload current and past client records. This makes certain there are no compliance gaps and ensures all your record keeping is always up to date.

  • Always audit ready

    SmartSearch automatically keeps records of all search results while ongoing monitoring ensures every entry is always up to date. This means any information needed for audits or regulatory checks will be easily and immediately accessible, any time.  

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