Identity Verification and AML compliance made easy

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Verify identity and screen against global watchlists

Fast and reliable AML checks on individuals and businesses

AML checks with SmartSearch are fast and reliable. Enter a customer’s name, address, date of birth and social security number and the platform returns the result in less than two seconds. For corporate clients, all you need is the name and zip code and SmartSearch will identify and verify the business and validate the corporate structure and return executive information.

Automatic Sanction and PEP Screening

SmartSearch automatically performs Sanction, Politically Exposed Person (PEP), Special Interest Person (SIP) & Relative/Close Associate (RCA) Screening on every customer, through one simple system.

Streamline Customer Identification

Our unique check identifies and verifies your customers first, so you never waste time on due diligence for the wrong person or business.

Enhanced Due Diligence

If a company or individual's name matches a Sanctions, PEP, SIP or RCA record, SmartSearch automatically triggers Enhanced Due Diligence. Our advanced AI technology removes false positives for you, so you can focus on what matters.

Ongoing monitoring 

We monitor all searches daily, alerting you to any changes in the customer’s Sanction or PEP status, ensuring you are continuously compliant.

Retrospective checks 

SmartSearch can perform backdated checks to verify historic customers and resolve any compliance gaps. This guarantees your records are up to date and accurate.
Introducing TripleCheck

TripleCheck: the best of SmartSearch, rolled into one

A unique all-in-one compliance solution: TripleCheck combines the best of SmartSearch into one easy process. Our award-winning customer identity & sanction checks, the most advanced facial recognition techniques, and digital fraud checks create the most comprehensive Customer Identification Program on the market.

1. Verify identity & screen for Sanctions

Enter your client’s details and we run identity verification, including Sanction, PEP, RCA and OFAC screening, and deliver the result in less than two seconds.

2. Facial Recognition

Using the most advanced OCR, biometric and liveness techniques we confirm if the client and documents are genuine.

3. Digital Fraud Checks

We combine digital elements (DEs) to deliver an overall risk score of the client and provide information you need to support additional due diligence.

One platform, multiple ID verification solutions

SmartSearch offers a complete Customer Identification Program for verifying US and international citizens. Our unique platform performs customer identification, full Sanction and PEP Screening, ongoing monitoring, and fraud prevention all from one place so you will never need to use multiple solutions again. It also performs institution checks to confirm the existence of the business, validate its corporate structure, and identify individual stakeholders.

Client identification and verification
Corporate and Executive checks
Sanction, PEP, SIP, RCA and OFAC screening
Automatic Enhanced Due Diligence
Clear results in seconds
Fraud prevention
Ongoing monitoring
Remote checks via the integrated app
Retrospective service removes compliance gaps
Integrate SmartSearch into your existing system

Integrate SmartSearch into your existing system

You can use the SmartSearch platform via your internet browser, the app or integrate the platform into your existing system. Integration saves time and money as it enables SmartSearch checks to be completed within your workflows, using your customer data files.

Complete identity checks anytime, from any place

Our fully integrated app enables you to complete full identity and business checks with Sanction and PEP Screening remotely from your cell phone or tablet. Just enter the customer’s details and you will receive the result to your hand-held device in seconds.  

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Tailor-made solutions

We create a bespoke compliance package to fit your needs and budget without compromising on the service offering. All customers receive access to the same system meaning our unique platform is competitive and offers the latest technology at an affordable price for all businesses.

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We have over 5,000 customers, from start-ups to corporate giants

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Our processes have been streamlined; we get all the information we need in one search and we no longer need to take so much time to connect the dots. We are always kept up to date with the latest developments. It is good to know they are always looking to help and simplify things for us, particularly with updates such as API integration. This is an excellent idea and would benefit many businesses to use a familiar system. We would recommend SmartSearch as an AML provider Martina Hopgood Client liaison
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SmartSearch has now become an essential element of our onboarding process and it is great to have the ongoing monitoring working in the background too. We are kept up to date on the latest products and services which would benefit us, such as the Retro Bulk Upload for historic clients. Our account manager has offered to help with setting up any new users and we are pleased we can turn to her for help if we have any queries or require further training. We would not hesitate to recommend SmartSearch to others who would like to improve their AML processes Nikki Conquest Office Manager

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