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Have the confidence to verify clients globally with our comprehensive International Individual Check

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, data analysis and global data partnerships, SmartSearch’s International Individual Check enables you to onboard and transact with clients from over 40 countries worldwide.

Global Verification

Introducing our International Individual Check

UK businesses are increasingly working on a global scale and expanding their operations across borders to work with customers from a wide range of jurisdictions. International customers are often perceived as higher risk, and therefore, a proper due diligence process is absolutely vital in order to protect the business from financial crime.

SmartSearch’s International Individual Check accesses high-quality international data from over 200 global data sources and combines this information with in-depth local knowledge to offer robust and accurate verification of international individuals.

What is an International Individual Check?

Regulated firms in the UK have a legal obligation to run comprehensive client due diligence checks on all new clients at onboarding, including identification, verification, screening for sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs) and enhanced due diligence if any risks are identified. This is called an individual check.

UK businesses must perform individual checks on all clients, but most verification platforms only offer this level of due diligence for UK-based individuals. An International Individual Check – also known as a global identity verification check - is a comprehensive AML compliance check that is able to verify an individual from outside of the UK.

Global ID Verification made easy

To run robust and accurate global sanctions checks, regulated firms need access to a wide range of different resources from across the world to ensure they are able to achieve a pass or fail rate for every potential customer. This is almost impossible to run manually, but with SmartSearch’s innovative platform, running global ID verification and global background checks is easy. SmartSearch’s global identity verification service offers:

Comprehensive Global Coverage

With access to over 40 countries, SmartSearch's International Individual solution offers unmatched global ID verification, mitigating the heightened risk associated with international customers.

Real-Time Identity Verification

Through advanced technology and local registry sources, as well as access to adverse media information, SmartSearch is able to conduct in-depth verification, providing clients with accurate and reliable results. A pass/refer result is delivered instantly, saving clients time, resource, and money.

Regulatory Compliance

As with its market-leading UK Individual Checks, SmartSearch’s new Individual International Checks include screening for PEPs and sanctions to protect your business against financial crime risks and ensure clients meet their regulatory requirements.

Ongoing Monitoring

SmartSearch’s International solution – as with the UK Individual Checks - also includes continuous monitoring and alerts, using real-time data from the Dow Jones Watchlist, the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date PEP and Sanctions list in the world. This means that if there is any change to an individual's status, the client is alerted immediately, ensuring they always maintain a fully compliant position with continuous global sanctions checks.

Single Platform

The International Individual Check enables SmartSearch clients to bring even more of their own compliance journey onto one easy-to-access platform. From here, clients have access to SmartSearch’s full suite of solutions, including UK Individual Checks, Business Checks in the UK and abroad, full monitoring and access to the innovative SmartDoc and Document Storage solutions.

SmartDoc enhances security with facial recognition technology, advanced authentication, and biometric verification for a thorough understanding of global customers. Whilst our Document Storage solution also provides a secure platform for uploading multiple PDFs, customising roles, and ensuring the highest level of security.

Seamless Integration

Like all of SmartSearch’s market-leading solutions, Individual International Checks can be seamlessly integrated with clients' existing systems using the latest API technology. This enables clients to centralise their compliance, streamline the customer onboarding process, improve client experience, and reduce costs.


The benefits of a SmartSearch International Individual Check

Speed and Efficiency

Results are received in a matter of seconds.

Fully Digital

All checks can be completed through one centralised platform.

Comprehensive Coverage

The solution currently verifies over 40 different countries.

Clear Results

The International Individual Check produces a clear pass/fail result and easy-to-understand verification information in a standardised format across all countries.

Streamlined Onboarding

International Individual Checks can be integrated into clients’ existing systems and with other SmartSearch solutions.

Automated Workflow

All SmartSearch solutions can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

The benefits of verifying clients globally

We can help you to…

Know who you're dealing with

We can verify the identity of your customers electronically in seconds, fulfilling your KYC requirements and provide automatic enhanced due diligence for any PEP or Sanctions matches.

Onboard customers

Our platform completes AML and KYC checks all in one place – and can even integrate with your existing system – streamlining your customer onboarding process, improving client experience and reducing costs.

Remain compliant

Through our user-friendly platform, identification, verification and ongoing monitoring are quick and easy to perform, ensuring you always remain fully AML compliant.

Verify source of funds

The purpose of a Source of Funds check is to verify where the funds being used in a specific matter or transaction originated. A Source of Funds check can prove instrumental in the fight against money laundering by establishing that the above-mentioned funds have been sourced legitimately.

Monitor your clients

We take updates every day from the Dow Jones Watchlist, the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date PEP and Sanctions list in the world, to offer our unique daily monitoring service. This alerts you if a client’s PEP or Sanction status changes ensuring you’re always fully AML compliant.

Be audit ready

With our monitoring system, you are always audit-ready. From audit note trails to the ability to batch-upload existing customers, we ensure you can evidence your compliance whenever you need to.

Get the help you need

Our comprehensive range of AML and compliance solutions, including ID validation for UK and international clients can be tailored to your specific requirements to create a bespoke risk based solution. 

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We found that SmartSearch’s International Individual Check solution was very user friendly and that it very much mirrored that of a normal UK individual Search in terms of the ease of use, speed of results and the quality of the data returned. This solution will be a great asset for us when onboarding international clients in the future. We would be happy to recommend SmartSearch International Individual Check to other businesses. Ben Leaney Assistant Manager

The Advantages of Global ID Verification

While many firms may not think they need to be able to run checks on non-UK residents, the ability to verify clients from across the world offers huge advantages to UK businesses, including:

Enhanced Security and Risk Management:

Global ID verification enables UK businesses to verify the identity and credentials of individuals and entities across borders. This helps reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes by ensuring that their customers are who they claim to be, no matter where they come from.

Compliance with Regulations:

Regulated firms in the UK – which includes accountants, law firms, financial firms and estate agents – are subject to strict regulatory requirements, and global verification solutions like SmartSearch’s International Individual Checks - ensures they comply with UK AML regulations by ensuring they are able to verify the identity of customers and carry out proper due diligence whether they are located in the UK or overseas.

Improved Customer Experience:

By using a solution like SmartSearch, firms are able to streamline and improve their onboarding process which in turn, leads to a smoother onboarding experience for customers, whether they are based in the UK or abroad.

Cost and Time Savings:

Unlike manual methods of verification, you will receive a pass/refer result instantly, saving your business time, money and resources.

Build trust in a digital world with global ID checks

Unlocking Global Opportunities

The SmartSearch International Individual Check is a game-changer in terms of identification and verification solutions because it enables UK businesses to expand their market reach beyond their domestic borders. Using the SmartSearch International Individual Check firms can onboard customers from all around the world safe in the knowledge they will be able to verify their identities accurately and securely, allowing them to grow their businesses with confidence.

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Building Trust in a Digital World

Businesses are built on their reputation, and customers trust those businesses that take their obligations seriously. By employing a robust verification solution like SmartSearch – with the ability to verify clients from across the globe - UK businesses are demonstrating a commitment to transparency and integrity, which will help them not only build trust and credibility with current clients but with potential clients too – both in the UK and internationally which can, in turn, lead to stronger long-term relationships and increased opportunities for collaboration and expansion.

Global ID checks

SmartSearch’s Suite of AML and Compliance Solutions – Centralise your Compliance

The SmartSearch Individual International Check is part of a whole suite of digital AML and compliance solutions which includes:

Accurate and efficient UK Individual Check

Using triple bureau data for the highest match and pass rate on the market (97%).

Screen for sanctions and PEPs with ongoing monitoring

This is supported by the Dow Jones Watchlist which comprises over 1,100 worldwide PEP and Sanctions lists.

Enhanced global security with SmartDoc

SmartDoc provides a convenient document check that integrates facial recognition technology.

Safeguard vital information with Document Storage

Our Document Storage solution offers a secure platform for safeguarding your vital documents. Seamlessly upload multiple PDFs and other document types, simultaneously, and customise roles and permissions to streamline your document management process.

Rapid Source of Funds checks

Our Source of Funds checks use open banking to access bank statements and gather key financial evidence in less than a minute, enabling clients to ascertain where their customers’ funds are coming from.

All these solutions can be fully tailored, automated and configured to each client’s bespoke needs, and thanks to the use of RESTful APIs, clients can integrate their own, existing systems with SmartSearch to achieve simple, scalable, and flexible AML solutions that fit seamlessly into their current processes and workflows.

SmartSearch's suite of AML and compliance solutions

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