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AML Compliance for Financial Organisations

AML for financial organisations doesn’t have to be complicated. Our end-to-end AML solution consistently evolves to meet the ever-changing regulations set out by the FATF, so there’ll never be gaps in your compliance.

Helping financial firms get KYC and AML compliance right

Firms in financial services provide a wide range of products to their clients, so they’re left vulnerable to money laundering in a multitude of different ways – this often makes AML compliance measures complex to implement.    

SmartSearch offers an award-winning platform, with an electronic customer verification system that can gather quick and accurate results. We’ve put sanction checks, PEP screening and ongoing monitoring in one accessible place, making AML in financial services simple and reliable.

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Just a few areas we can help you with

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Verify your customer

Identifying and verifying customers and taking all the steps you need to remain compliant takes just seconds with our platform. Use our platform to complete your kyc aml checks within your financial institution.
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Customer onboarding

Streamline customer onboarding and enhance your client experience with our award-winning platform that negates time-consuming traditional verification methods and minimizes cost and resource for your business.
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Do your due diligence

Automate the bulk of your enhanced due diligence using our unique system to automatically discount any false positives, ensuring you remain compliant with minimal effort.
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Monitor your clients

Powered by Dow Jones, our ongoing monitoring feature reviews PEP and Sanction watchlists globally, alerting you to any status changes and keeping you compliant at all times.
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Prevent Fraud

We offer a wide range of anti-fraud products and services that can be tailored to your firm’s specific requirements.
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Be audit ready

Get aml in finance audit ready by using our batch upload feature, ongoing monitoring and automated audit notes, you can be confident that your processes are watertight, and your business is always be audit-ready.

SmartSearch Saves Time and Money

Manually performing the different checks required for AML compliance is a time-consuming process that’s liable to human error. Our unique software carries out automated digital checks in minutes using the Dow Jones WatchList, which combines reliable data from sources all over the world.

We simplify the KYC process for AML in finance, verifying your clients in both the UK and overseas, so you can get on with what you do best. Get a personalised quote for your financial institution today, and find out how much you could save.


What kind of financial organisations do we work with?

  • Building (Retail/Commercial)
  • Building Societies
  • Lending
  • Asset Finance
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Private Equity
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Pre-paid Cards
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Debt Funding

40% of the top 100 IFAs use our services

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The service is robust – we have experienced little or no downtime and communication from SmartSearch is excellent with updates, credit alerts and monthly reports detailing usage. Rita Hens Customer Services Manager
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In a constantly changing anti-money laundering compliance landscape it is fantastic to have SmartSearch’s expertise on hand. Linda Barlow Co-operative Governance Advisor
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You’re in good company

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do financial institutions detect money laundering?

    There are three stages in the money laundering process, but it is most easy for banks to detect during the first stage, which is placement. During the placement stage, cash is broken up into smaller amounts, and moved around in an attempt to put distance between the money and its illegal origins. Some launderers may make deposits in shell bank accounts at this point – and these can be easy for financial institutions to spot, if they appear in a large lump sum or a suspicious number of smaller deposits. Shell bank accounts are also used in the second stage of money laundering – layering – where the money is passed through multiple transactions and movements to “wash” it, but this is often harder to detect.

  • How can financial institutions prevent money laundering?

    Financial institutions in the UK can prevent money laundering by following the AML regulations from the FATF, and meeting the guidelines from the FCA. That means implementing a risk-based approach, with an extensive screening process including KYC, PEP and sanctions checks, as well as ongoing monitoring and Enhanced Due Diligence on any matches. KYC checks specifically can be used to prevent the creation of shell accounts by those who have a history of financial crime, as they enable you to verify the identity and reputation of your clients and customers, before you enter into business with them.

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