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Integrate SmartSearch with existing software

We can help integrate SmartSearch into your existing products

SmartSearch acknowledges that integrating with quality 3rd Party System Providers brings mutual benefit to all parties. By streamlining the client take-on process we save our clients resources and money at the same time making the on-boarding process for your new customers a much more enjoyable experience.

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We can help you to...

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Only input data once

By integrating SmartSearch with your own system, you will only need to input client data once - all information will automatically be entered into the SmartSearch system enabling you to conduct all your AML compliance from one place.
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More accurate

By cutting down the number of times client data is inputted, your customer on-boarding process is more accurate with less room for error.
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Everything in one place

Using an integrated system means that when you want to process an AML check on a customer, you can do so from your existing system without having to use multiple platforms.
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Integrate within 24 hours

By making the process as simple and efficient as possible, we are able to integrate the SmartSearch system with 3rd Party, CRM and Case Management Providers within 24 hours with users receiving data within 72 hours.
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