Everything you need for AML Compliance with our award-winning product

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Experience a modern, easy-to-use platform that requires minimal training

  • Innovative professionally hosted system

    The SmartSearch system has been developed with user-friendliness and ease of use at the top of the agenda so staff at any level can run AML checks successfully.

  • Simple to understand reports

    Once an AML check has been run, the results appear in a single report that is clear and easy to understand and can be downloaded in seconds.

  • Regular product enhancements

    All users have access to the same system, which is constantly being improved and updated to ensure it complies with all the latest regulations, making legacy systems a thing of the past.

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Streamline your processes and speed up your workflow

  • All-in-one solution

    Our innovative platform offers the only KYC solution that also provides full Sanction and PEP screening and ongoing monitoring - a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your AML needs.

  • Get notified when something doesn’t look right

    Our unique daily monitoring service ensures you are notified if any of your clients appear on a PEP or Sanctions list, keeping you fully compliant for the life of your contract.

  • Instant results

    The SmartSearch platform works in real-time, completing AML checks in a matter of seconds, automatically triggering Enhanced Due Diligence on any Sanction or PEP matches and informing you if anything changes.

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Easily prepare for internal audits and regulatory visits

  • Get instant access to your customer search data

    All searches and screening results are automatically saved on the SmartSearch system, allowing you instant access to customer data whenever you need it.

  • Export what you need, when you need it

    The easy to use platform enables you to create workflows and export any information you need quickly and easily, whenever you need it.

  • Support from our team of experts

    All clients have one dedicated point of contact who can immediately answer their questions as well as access to the full client services team for additional support.

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Modernise your on-boarding and boost your customer experience

  • Deliver more instant approvals

    We have dual bureau data supply agreements with Experian and Equifax to deliver a match-and-pass rate of 95%, clearing up 75% of your failed cases automatically.

  • Ditch the documents

    Manual checks are slow, unreliable and open to errors - electronic verification via the SmartSearch system offers the most reliable, secure and efficient source of information for identity solutions.

  • Perform AML checks wherever you are

    Our integrated app gives all users access to the same SmartSearch system, enabling them to complete AML checks wherever they are, whenever they need to.

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Know you’re taken care of, from start to finish

  • Tailor-made training for your team

    Our user-friendly system, clear guidelines and comprehensive training process means everyone in your company will be able to perform AML checks quickly and easily.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will be your key point of contact for any queries as well as access to the full client services team for additional support.

  • Get comprehensive offline support

    Our ‘how to’ guides provide step-by-step information on using the system while our product sheets tell you everything there is to know about our services. Plus, you can always speak to one of our team if you need any additional support.