Cambridge technology fights mass password theft

Hackers are being challenged by a Cambridge UK technology startup to try to prise data from a digital Fort Knox that the founders believe is impenetrable to cyber attacks on passwords and usernames via the internet.

Their safe-harbour hardware – branded Iridium Server – will remain in stealth until Q3 of this year although former Citrix duo Will Harwood and Roger Gross say there is a chance that the product could be ready to roll at the end of Q2.

They are so confident that cyber terrorists can’t crack their computerised ‘safe’ that they are holding a competition to prove the technology’s fortress capabilities in user name and password protection.

The breakthrough holds major implications for world governments and the military as well as industry sectors from healthcare to financial.

Based at St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge and with an office at Innovation Martlesham, Silicon Safe Ltd’s first product is a patent pending password storage and authentication server, that prevents bulk identity theft from businesses in which millions of passwords can be stolen in a single cyber-attack.

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