Corporate Identity Fraud

Companies and their owners/directors can also fall victim to identity fraud. Criminals can commit corporate identity fraud in a variety of different ways, including by fraudulently changing a company's registered details at Companies House.

Companies House has a three point plan to help companies protect against corporate identity fraud and safeguard the personal information of their directors. This involves filing information online (WebFiling), signing up to submitting all papers online (PROOF), and subscribing to an alert system that notifies companies when changes to their details are made (Monitor). More information about these services and combating corporate identity fraud can be found at companies house.

The European Union has a public website to provide help with checking official documents.

PRADO contains images and specimen documents with information on some security features of passports, driving licences and other documents issued by European countries.  This is useful to employers, banks and security companies who need to check travel and identity documents.

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