Internet sales have risen dramatically over the last few years with sales of £22.3 billion in 2010 compared with £9.1 billion in 2006. Expected losses through internet fraud are expected to rise from £165.2 million in 2011 to £195.3 million in 2015. More users are accessing the internet via mobile devices, a total of 12.8 million users now access the internet this way.

Card Not Present Fraud occurs via the use of remote payment processing, not only are consumers losing millions of pounds each year due to online fraud the retailers and traders are also suffering heavy losses.

SmartSearch offers a range of comprehensive services that can be used in isolation or as a combined Fraud prevention solution.

  • ID Validation

    • Using Experian’s vast array of data such as Electoral Roll, Credit Performance Data, CCJ’s, BAI, Fraud Score & Alert Service

  • Bank & Card Validation

    • Validate Bank Account and Sort code to the address and account holder of the account, AVS, CV2. Verify Card Number to Account and Person Holding the Account

  • Mobile Validation

    • Live Mobile, Network Code, Operator, Country Code,

  • IP & Device Validation

    • High Risk Areas, Hidden IP address

  • Delivery Fraud Score

    • Understand the risks involved

  • Global Fraud Alliance Data

    • The Largest Online Database of known Fraudsters for E-Commerce

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