Hookers, drug dealers and midget-tossing: Meet Jordan Belfort

He ran his crooked business like a debauched Roman emperor - successful employees were ­rewarded with hookers, booze and drugs, failures were fired

Jordan Belfort: The man behind the movie attends the premiere


Coke snorting and orgies were part of daily life when you worked for depraved financier Jordan Belfort.

Played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a new blockbuster , twisted Belfort ran his crooked stockbroker business like a debauched Roman emperor.

Successful employees were ­rewarded with hookers, booze and drugs. Failures were fired.

Workers were encouraged to have sex in a glass lift in full view of the office, there were naked marching bands and female staff at parties were expected to dance topless and sleep with the men.

But Belfort’s empire, funded by £150million he swindled from investors, came crashing down in the late 90s.

He served just 22 months for fraud and money laundering where he wrote two memoirs which are the basis for The Wolf of Wall Street film.

The three-hour black comedy, directed by Martin Scorsese, which premiered on Thursday has been called one of Hollywood’s most depraved movies ever.

But Belfort claims the fiction doesn’t compete with the real-life drug-addled world of stock-selling firm Stratton Oakmont, which he compared to the Biblical dens of sin Sodom and Gomorrah.

He said: “It wasn’t every firm that sported hookers in the basement, drug dealers in the parking lot, exotic animals in the boardroom and midget-tossing competitions on Fridays.”

Even party-loving DiCaprio, 39, described Belfort, now 51, as the biggest hedonist he has ever met.

DiCaprio said: “He was like a modern-day emperor Caligula. He held nothing back and was unapologetic about his lust for wealth and mad consumption.”

Fraudster: Jordan Belfort with his second wife, Miller Lite model, Nadine

Jordan Belfort

Belfort, a former door-to-door seafood salesman, lived the high-life with his London-born blonde model wife Nadine Caridi and an army of high-priced hookers.

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