Innovation & Digitalisation webinar next on the agenda for SmartSearch's Electronic Verification Uncovered campaign

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As part of its electronic verification uncovered campaign - which surveyed 500 regulated businesses, SmartSearch discovered 48% of UK regulated firms reported a rise in financial crime attempts in the past 12 months. However, a significant number of businesses say they are not aware of the change in legislation that endorses electronic verification. Accordingly, SmartSearch's next webinar will detail the importance of innovation and digitalisation for your business and how you can better protect yourself from financial crime.


Digitalisation and innovation are two terms that tend to come hand in hand and are becoming progressively popular in the compliance landscape. As digital transactions become quicker and easier, money launderers are using increasingly sophisticated technology to clean their dirty cash. This makes digital AML even more important as it is not only quicker and easier than manual verification but is also a much more robust and reliable way of verifying customers.

Live Webinar:

The importance of innovation and digitalisation for regulated firms - how to better protect your organisation from Financial Crime

In August 2022, AML and regulated industry expert, Collette Allen will host a series of thought-provoking webinars, perfect for regulated industries such as Accountancy, Financial Services, Legal and Property. The focus will be on the importance of innovation and digitalisation for your business and how you can better protect yourself from financial crime.

Our latest 'Electronic Verification Uncovered' survey revealed that 45% of regulated firms had seen a rise in money laundering/financial crime attempts in the past 12 months - with innovation and digitalisation key to combating these issues and compliance with regulatory legislation.

Each webinar will last 30 minutes and attendees can expect to discover:

  • What the changing demands and trends are in the compliance landscape

  • The key challenges and pain points in your onboarding processes

  • How making the move to digitalisation can benefit you and your organisation

  • How to make the digital compliance revolution accessible to all

There will also be a Q&A session for you to hear from industry peers and learn from their digitalisation and innovation challenges, as well as asking any burning questions applicable to your business and future proof your regulated firm's compliance processes

To find out more and to register for our webinar click here.

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