Meet your pKYC obligations with SmartSearch’s enhanced platform

SmartSearch is a pioneer in anti-money laundering solutions, constantly updating its market-leading digital compliance platform to ensure it is offering the latest technology and innovation to its clients.

And the latest upgrade is the most advanced yet. By utilising a wide range of data resources to run the most accurate initial identification and verification and then automatically re-run client searches, SmartSearch is now able to offer perpetual Know Your Customer (pKYC) functionality for the first time.

This innovative KYC solution provides a holistic view of each search subject alongside all associated searches to meet pKYC obligations. It also drastically reduces manual workloads by automatically re-running client searches and delivering instant access to the latest search outcomes and audit trails to futureproof clients’ AML compliance.

Guy Harrison, SmartSearch CEO said: We are pleased to become one of the first digital compliance providers to offer this level of functionality.

“pKYC is the most accurate and up to date AML and compliance solution because it delivers an accurate view of each customer throughout their lifecycle, monitoring any changes to their status to ensure you are always meeting compliance obligations. The automated re-run facility updates search results on an annual basis, collaborating previous due diligence notes to build a clear picture of your clients.”

And while the new pKYC solution is the most advanced when it comes to AML compliance, giving businesses peace of mind that their searchability is as accurate as it can be, it offers commercial benefits too.

Guy adds: Managing risk on an ongoing basis is not only a more reliable and robust, but it is cost-effective and leads to better and more meaningful long-term relationships with clients.

“By continuously gathering and managing up-to-date information, firms can seize business opportunities that arise from changes in clients' personal circumstances, such as a new name, address, or job.

“In addition, having a system that can identify outdated clients enables businesses to concentrate their efforts on existing relationships and maximize profitability.”

To find out how SmartSearch could help your firm create a smoother customer onboarding process and meet all its compliance requirements in one place, visit

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