SmartSearch’s enhanced platform is most comprehensive compliance solution yet

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SmartSearch is taking digital compliance to the next level with the launch of its next-generation platform.

Driven by the latest technology and customer feedback the enhanced platform offers a number of key benefits that sets it apart from its competitors to offer clients the ‘gold standard’ in AML and KYC. The enhanced platform includes a seamless new interface and improvements in six key areas:

1.       User Management

SmartSearch’s next-generation platform allows firms to improve efficiencies, save time and create a seamless customer onboarding process by offering frictionless compliance that fits seamlessly into existing processes. By having all compliance checks on one platform – and integrating this with clients’ existing systems  - users can manage everything from one place, taking all the pressure off customer onboarding and saving them valuable time and money.

2.       Perpetual KYC

SmartSearch is constantly improving its search function and this latest update is the most advanced yet. SmartSearch’s innovative new search functionality offers a perpetual KYC (pKYC) solution for clients by running the most accurate initial identification and verification and then automatically re-running client searches, delivering instant access to the latest search outcomes and audit trails for when future due diligence is needed to futureproof clients’ AML compliance.

3.       Triple bureau data

SmartSearch already boasted the highest match and pass rate on the market thanks to its dual bureau data solution. But this latest update sees a third data partner added to the platform, meaning SmartSearch is now the only UK digital compliance provider to offer triple bureau accuracy. By running a SmartSearch through the platform’s Triple Bureau data partners, clients benefit from the highest match and pass rate on the market and can vastly reduce false positives ensuring they really know their customers.

4.       Configurability

The latest platform update enables the most bespoke service SmartSearch has ever offered as solutions can now be fully tailored to each businesses’ unique needs. Clients can now screen custom risk profiles, clearly identifying where further investigation is needed, while configurable watchlist screening streamlines the AML process, offering a seamless onboarding experience for genuine customers.

5.        Automation

As well as offering the most configurable solution ever, the enhanced platform also offers the ability to create bespoke, fully automated workflows that are able to assign, notify and create applications based on rules. By working alongside clients’ existing internal processes, this latest enhancement revolutionises the compliance process by not only saving clients time and money and creating a frictionless customer journey but also giving them peace of mind that their compliance is in order.

6.       API functionality

While SmartSearch has been able to integrate its platform with clients’ existing systems for many years now, this latest update means that all SmartSearch services will now be available through RESTful APIs, meaning clients can be integrated quickly and efficiently. By streamlining the take-on process SmartSearch’s clients can save time and money on compliance resources, build a seamless and comprehensive compliance solution - tailored to their own organisation and existing processes  - whilst also improving the onboarding journey for genuine customers.

Guy Harrison, SmartSearch CEO said:Our next-generation platform sets us apart in the market by offering regulated firms the gold standard in AML and KYC.

“By enhancing our platform in these key areas, we have not only improved the accuracy and reliability if our solution - through the introduction if triple bureau data and pKYC - but also its usability, by enhancing configurability, automation, and integration.

“All these improvements not only make life easier for our clients through improved efficiencies, but they also combine to offer the most reliable and robust solution we have ever produced.

“SmartSearch now offers an unmatched single-source digital compliance solution that not only ensures our clients meet their AML requirements, but also that they are utilising their data and resources in the most efficient way.”

To find out how SmartSearch could help your firm create a smoother customer onboarding process and meet all its compliance requirements in one place, visit

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