Simple, scalable and flexible AML solutions thanks to SmartSearch enhanced API integration

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SmartSearch recently launched its next generation platform – an enhanced AML solution with a number of key upgrades, including improved user management, searchability, configurability and automation, as well as increasing its data partners from two to three to offer a triple bureau service.

However, one of the most important enhancements from a usability point of view is the advanced integration capabilities the platform now has.

That is because this latest update means that all SmartSearch services are now available through RESTful APIs, meaning clients can integrate their own, existing systems with SmartSearch quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the use of RESTful APIs, clients can now achieve simple, scalable, and flexible AML solutions that fit seamlessly into their current processes and workflows.

And what’s more, SmartSearch can offer rapid deployment of its API integration – the entire process can be completed within 24 hours – with the flexibility to fully integrate with each business’ chosen solution. And unlike competitors, SmartSearch offers this level of integration to ALL customers no matter how big or small, or what level of service their use.

SmartSearch is also able to integrate with back-office systems – something most competitors are not able to do, making the solution fully flexible.

Guy Harrison, SmartSearch CEO said:At SmartSearch, we believe in revolutionising digital AML processes through seamless integration with our RESTful APIs. Our full backwards compatibility ensures that you can integrate your current API without any hassle.

“With our flexible API integration, you can build a comprehensive compliance solution tailored to your organization and processes, and unlike our competitors who only offer full API integration on 'Pro' or 'Enterprise' packages, it is available to all clients.

 Our rapid deployment of RESTful API's allows for integration within 24 hours, while our simple user management and workflow flexibility make integrating with us a breeze. Our improved integration, combined with our other innovative updates makes SmartSearch the go-to choice for all your compliance needs."

To find out how SmartSearch could help your firm create a smoother customer onboarding process and meet all its compliance requirements in one place, visit

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