SmartSearch Make Additional Developments for Insurance Providers

Following feedback from a number of clients SmartSearch has made a number of enhancements to the SmartSearch platform.

With the increased focus on Sanctions and PEPs, SmartSearch have now given clients the ability to upload their existing client base, so they can be monitored on a daily basis for any changes to the Dow Jones Watchlist of individuals or entities who match any Sanctions or PEP records. If a match is made then an automatic email is sent to the MLRO or Compliance teams so that they are able to undertake Enhanced Due Diligence. This saves our clients many thousands of pounds as they now don’t have to subscribe to multiple software applications, nor have to employ their own IT resources.

SmartSearch have also now added in the functionality to view and download Companies House documents. These can either be downloaded separately or as part of the SmartSearch AML reports. This enhancement also allows client firms to receive notifications when new documents are filed at Companies House, so changes in shareholders, latest accounts being filed etc are notified directly to the firm, allowing them to monitor clients on a daily basis.

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