SmartSearch’s enhanced platform creates ‘seamless customer onboarding’

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Digital compliance specialist SmartSearch has created one of the most streamlined and seamless AML compliant customer onboarding processes on the market, thanks to its next generation platform.

The platform has undergone several key updates, including new automation functionality and the addition of a third data partner for triple bureau reliability, but probably the most important from a user point of view, are the management enhancements.

Guy Harrison, SmartSearch CEO said: “Manual onboarding can be time-consuming and unreliable especially when onboarding a large number of clients, and this can be incredibly frustrating and expensive for regulated firms trying to run a business efficiently whilst also ensuring they meet their regulatory requirements.

“And that is the key driver behind our platform upgrade – we wanted to develop user management functionality that allows regulated businesses to take back control, save time, money and have the peace of mind that their database is fully compliance.”

The enhanced SmartSearch platform provides clients with the ability to define customer roles and permissions and increase configurability so that AML checks seamlessly fit into their existing processes for frictionless compliance.

By having all compliance checks on one platform and integrating this with clients’ existing systems; users can manage everything from one place, taking all the pressure off customer onboarding and saving them valuable time and money.

Mr Harrison concludes:Onboarding clients can be daunting, but by switching to a digital compliance solution, firms can take all the pressure, off customer onboarding and saving valuable resources.

“We already offered a market-leading digital solution, and now, we have gone even further. Our enhanced platform offers our clients the ‘gold standard’ of AML and KYC, because, not only are we making life easier through improved efficiencies, but we are also offering the most reliable and robust solution on the market.”

To find out how SmartSearch could help your firm create a smoother customer onboarding process and meet all its compliance requirements in one place, visit

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