Since joining SmartSearch, Acasta have a much more comprehensive solution to verifying clients in the UK and internationally, which is in line with regulations and monitoring requirements.

Before SmartSearch, Acasta Europe Limited were completing their AML checks manually, leaving their processes slow and disjointed between different departments. This led to poor compliance oversight and the team were spending 3-4 hours per week meeting their AML obligations.

Acasta Europe Limited mainly took advantage of the UK individual check, performed in just a few clicks and is now embedded into their day-to-day processes, automatically triggering enhanced due diligence to confirm a “False Alert” has been made. This offers a much more dynamic approach as the platform is constantly monitoring for any relevant changes to the client’s status, ensuring Acasta Europe Limited meet their AML obligations now and in the future

The customer journey from sales to customer success was absolutely fantastic, everything was explained clearly and when additional information was required the response was very quick. The onboarding process has allowed us to enhance our user experience, whilst improving compliance oversight without the need for manual intervention.

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