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For Anderson Anderson and Brown LLP, the enhanced due diligence service provided by SmartSearch has been invaluable

Anderson Anderson and Brown have been impressed by the way SmartSearch continually enhances its already comprehensive platform to ensure compliance in the most efficient way.

The implementation of the SmartSearch platform has enabled Anderson Anderson and Brown to streamline their AML procedures, thanks to the level of detail and the wide range of information the system offers.

The compliance team have been particularly pleased with the enhanced due diligence service which not only informs the team if there has been a ‘hit’ but then provides in-depth additional information so further checks can be performed.

All users have found the platform to be very accessible and user-friendly which means that all staff with access to SmartSearch can log in and complete searches easily, saving a significant amount of time.

The customer service team at SmartSearch are always on hand to answer any queries, and this high quality of service continues throughout the business relationship. They always listen to feedback and are continually enhancing the system allowing us to be compliant in an efficient way.

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