Church House Investment Management

Church House Investment switched to SmartSearch for a more efficient, comprehensive and cost effective solution

Church House Investment Management had been using another AML provider, but found their service to be expensive and far less comprehensive that the SmartSearch platform.

Church House Investment Management are a company who are continuously looking to improve internal processes to develop their client onboarding process. 

Prior to SmartSearch, they had been relying on documentary verification for their clients. This was an expensive method, not to mention time and resource-heavy, so they were pleased to find that SmartSearch was able to offer a fast and efficient service at a fraction of the cost.

Switching to SmartSearch has improved Church House Investment Management’s processes and reduced the company’s money laundering risk.

SmartSearch provided a solution that took away the administrative and timely burden of requiring potential clients to provide documentary evidence. Not only did it provide easy identity verification for individuals, but also a thorough breakdown of all necessary evidence for identifying companies, such as annual reports, certificate of incorporation and the AML of all influential stakeholders and directors. This far outshone the level of service we had previously received from the competitor.

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