Lupton Fawcett

Lupton Fawcett wanted to integrate their AML processes with their Case Management System

Before SmartSearch, Lupton Fawcett had to run their AML processes separately, creating more work for their employees.

After transforming their digital infrastructure, Lupton Fawcett wanted to integrate their Case Management System to with the SmartSearch platform to increase efficiency, productivity and revenue.

SmartSearch supported Lupton Fawcett throughout the process and the result is a seamless integration which has received positive feedback as it means users can complete their AML procedures from their existing system, saving time and money.

A number of other integrations based on RESTful APIs have been built but none so smoothly as SmartSearch. Their API, the accompanying (very detailed) documentation and the support received from Carl Chadwick and his colleagues is a country-mile ahead of others.

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