TFO Tax Global Limited

TFO Tax Global Limited have streamlined their internal processes, keeping all records including the monitoring of individuals and businesses in a centralised platform.

TFO Tax Global Limited were looking for an electronic AML provider who could fulfil all their compliance needs in one centralised platform.

Prior to using SmartSearch, not only were their procedures manual and time-consuming, but TFO Tax Global Limited were not able to perform all the required checks to meet AML standards. This made it much harder to distinguish a reliable audit-trail to demonstrate they were meeting all their AML regulations and needs.

This meant they needed a service that offered the latest technology and suite of AML solutions to provide easy access to search results, with the flexibility to adapt to their individual business needs.

SmartSearch has completely exceeded our expectations. You do not appreciate what goes on in the background. When you drill down into the platform and what each search does it is invaluable.

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