Winkworth (South Kensington)

For Winkworth South Kensington, switching from their previous electronic provider to SmartSearch was a smart choice in more ways than one

Before SmartSearch, Winkworth South Kensington was using another electronic data provider but switched following a recommendation.

Winkworth South Kensington were already aware of how much electronic verification could improve the AML process, but it wasn't until they were introduced to SmartSearch that they realised how much more time and money they could save. 

SmartSearch provided Winkworth South Kensington with a tailored package to respond to their needs and to satisfy their compliance requirements, ensuring they were never paying for more than they needed.

From the moment that I spoke with a representative I felt that this company would be able to provide me with the type of service that I had been looking for to satisfy the requirements of Client Due Diligence in my industry. Of all the companies we have looked at, SmartSearch suited us best not only because of the user friendly interface but the support and backup you get is first class.

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