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WPS Advisory are now reaping the benefits of SmartSearch's innovative compliance solutions, which has helped to future-proof their compliance needs

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Prior to onboarding SmartSearch, WPS Advisory had no AML software in place and the organisation conducted their compliance using time-consuming manual steps, which could have been automated.

By harnessing SmartSearch's award-winning technology, WPS Advisory were able to successfully achieve their objectives while also experiencing notable time and cost savings. Since using SmartSearch they have been able to streamline their AML processes, leading to increased efficiencies throughout their business.

We are truly enjoying the ease of use it offers. The speed of return and the quality of output has been immensely beneficial for our company. Not only do my staff love using it, but our clients have also expressed their delight and appreciation for the platform. SmartSearch has truly become an invaluable asset to our business.

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FSS Wealth and Pensions
FSS Wealth and Pensions
FSS Wealth and Pensions, a financial advice firm focusing on investment and retirement, sought an anti-money laundering (AML) solution that would streamline their processes, increase automation, and improve overall business efficiency while ensuring compliance. Under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FSS Wealth and Pensions must ensure procedures are in place to mitigate the AML fraud risk.
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