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SmartSearch announced as preferred AML supplier for Alto

SmartSearch announced as preferred AML supplier for Alto

The new partnership will result in Alto benefiting from SmartSearch’s state-of-the-art customer verification platform, which accurately identifies customers in just two-seconds. SmartSearch’s unrivalled system also negates the need to use physical copies of documents, as it uses electronic verification to identify each client.

The SmartSearch system uses credit reference data, combined with trusted public sources to generate a composite digital identity that is virtually impossible to fake. All it needs is the name and address of the customer, date of birth is optional, and the system will return a pass or fail.

For Alto customers, this means they can streamline the AML process and meet their legal requirements quickly and easily, without leaving the software platform.  In turn, their agency is protected against fraud and money laundering, and they can also save precious time.

John Dobson, CEO of SmartSearch, explained it is essential that those involved in property transactions are using the latest technology to prevent money laundering and fraud.

He said: “Criminals are using cutting-edge technology to create fraudulent documents and it’s imperative that everyone involved in the property purchase process is using the most effective methods to prevent money laundering.

“As a disruptor which has successfully changed the property industry, the Zoopla family of brands has constantly been at the forefront of developing new technology. Its system is designed to make the process of finding a house as simple and efficient as possible.

“This philosophy completely matches with our ethos at SmartSearch, as our customer verification platform is designed to make the process of on-boarding new clients as effective as possible.”

Andy Marshall, Chief Commercial Officer at Zoopla added: “ The customer experience is imperative to Alto’s functionality. Designed to deliver a seamless service to our agent partners who use Alto, this integration with SmartSearch is a real milestone on our journey.

“We’ve been very impressed by the ease of use of the SmartSearch system; it provides a one-stop-shop for our anti-money laundering checks and the searches can be completed in seconds, providing a big benefit to our customers.”

For more information about anti-money laundering solutions in the UK, please visit:

About SmartSearch

SmartSearch is a leading UK provider of anti-money-laundering software. Its anti-money-laundering verification platform conducts individual and business searches, both for the UK and international markets with automatic worldwide sanction and PEP screening.

It is the only organisation in the UK with the ability to verify individuals and companies in the UK and internationally all in a single platform via a browser or API, with full Sanction, PEP and adverse media screening, and then ongoing monitoring.

Headquartered in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, SmartSearch’s very latest technology delivers an unrivalled user experience to over 5,000 client firms and 50,000 users, enabling them to comply with the latest AML regulations and fulfil their AML, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance obligations.

With no requirement for clients to provide identity documents, SmartSearch’s automated verification approach is significantly more convenient for both users and their end customers, with individual AML checks taking two seconds from start to finish, while business checks take less than three minutes.

For more information, please visit

About Zoopla

At Zoopla, we innovate for our consumers and property professionals alike. To connect them to each other, we combine cutting-edge technology with data expertise.

For consumers, this means they get exactly what they need to help them make their next move.

For agents and house builders, they're empowered to market and grow their business in the best way for them

When we say 'Zoopla', what we actually mean is the Zoopla Property Group. Here's exactly who's involved and what they do:

●      Zoopla attracts over 70 million visits per month. With over 1m listings and 26.7m house price estimates, we're the UK's most comprehensive property destination.

●      Hometrack and Calcasa are leading providers of automated property valuations and market insights. Mortgage lenders, developers, investors, government agencies and housing associations all use our data.

●      Yourkeys is a UK prop tech company, part of Zoopla, focused on buyer onboarding and sales progression tools on a SaaS basis to housebuilders. Their digital platform streamlines the new home buying process and provides efficiency and transparency.

●      Alto, Jupix and Expert Agent are the leading cloud-based estate agency and property management software systems. Agents and house builders use them for managing inventory, marketing and communications.

●      PrimeLocation showcases homes to those who can make their ‘dream home’ a reality. You know, the kind most of us would buy if we won the lottery.

●      Finally, SmartNewHomes is the UK's leading website dedicated to new builds. Buyers can learn about the new homes market and search for homes from leading house builders.

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