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Everything you need to know about PEPs - a comprehensive guide

Everything you need to know about PEPs - a comprehensive guide

What are PEPs, how can you identify them and why should firms be more cautious about working with them?

The term PEP – which stands for Politically Exposed Person – is an acronym that is used a lot within compliance. However, understanding of PEPs - what they are, how they are defined, why they are a concern and the best way for firms to mitigate the risk they pose – is inconsistent, making it difficult for regulated firms to navigate the PEP landscape.

In this Whitepaper, we will look at PEPs in detail, explaining exactly what PEPs are, how the term came about and why PEPs are such a key part of any compliance programme, as well as practical tips on how firms can identify PEPs to mitigate the risk of money laundering to their businesses.

Download your copy of Everything you need to know about PEPs to discover:

  • What does PEP stand for?

  • Where did the term PEP come from?

  • What are examples of PEPs?

  • What is the difference between domestic PEPs and foreign PEPs?

  • What are RCAs?

  • How do you check if someone is a PEP?

  • Why are PEPs considered high risk?

  • Can you work with PEPs?

  • How can I get help with identifying PEPs?

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